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Free Ride Kuala Lumpur

Developer: Bluedale Publishing (M) Sdn Bhd
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Free Ride Kuala Lumpur - GO KL BUS★ World's very first 'Free Ride Kuala Lumpur'!!!★ An amazing trip made better by free buses!!!★ A detailed guide on all the routes and stations of the 4 lines of the 'GO KL BUS'!!!★ The GO KL BUS is even better than the paid 10$ bus that uses a similar route!★ Click on the stops marked on the route map to get professional advice on the nearby tourist attractions, food junctions and accommodations!!!★ Information regarding the address and contact number of the various locations, also possible to directly access online!!!★ Photographs and emails are saved and sent in case of emergencies like the loss of a passport or other import documents!!!★ Travel needs checklist!!!★ The handy guidebook 100 times more useful than paperback books!!!★ A must have app for Travellers, Students studying abroad, Businessmen, Long term visitors!!!